I’m gonna go MIA for 2 weeks

…..for finals!!!



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The best proposal I’ll ever witness.

I really love Full metal alchemist, forever remains my favorite anime since forever!!! BROTHERHOOD IS THE BEST VERSION THOUGH!

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I made a vid on how to volumized your hair….

Naturally without any products or teasing 2 weeks ago….

But i’m so lazy to edit it

and have no motivation for it… Should i redo it or upload it anyway?

#ootd of yesterday outfit to school :) feeling springy again! But unfortunately it was rainy yesterday!
Dress: #abercrombie
shoes: #forever21 
Sweater: #hollister
Have any of u read “the fault in our stars” and “looking for alaska” yet? If so what do you guys think of it? Is it worth to buy? I’m thinking of buying them for a friend’s birthday coming up :D!

April 22,2014

So today is my boyfriend and i monthniversary LMAO but nobody really celebrates monthniversary now a day because of …. RECESSION LOL! too broke for that XD unless you’re a new couple. haha, if you guys are curious, we’re not doing anything, oh and we made up the night of the argument around 5 am,after a few curse words here and there mainly coming from me. LOL compromise compromise :D

something good happen today, i got to my stat class today 5 minutes late, i got my quiz back, i thought i fail it but i made a 100 YAYAYAYAYYAAAYY!! and he said it out loud too! “Good job!!” right in front of everyone! i just wanted to hug him!!!! hehehe… it seems like i’m the only one who made a hundred since the people behind me was like “omg…she got it right??” and my stat professor had to go over the problems since almost everyone got it wrong. i noticed he got a haircut…

LOOKIN PHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPHRESH DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

that’s what i wanted to say… but it’ll be weird. since he’s married with kid and all. so i took a picture of him secretly while he’s giving a lecture (Not creepy at all) and send it to my friends on snapchat and be like “BAE GOT A HURCUT!!” LOL sent it to everyone on my snapchat BUT my boyfriend. *slick status* B] LOL… but no one reply to it… made me a bit sad lmao….

afterward i went to get my car maintenance and drop 200 on the car ; _ ; ….speaking of money…i need to pay my citation ticket soon… 


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Anonymous asked: You should try neuro sonic ! Since we all know you love staying up late cramping of finals and stuff xD LOL. It helps give u that energy feeling

OHHHH IVE NEVER HEARD OF IT BEFORE!!! ARE YOU SURE IT’LL WORK? i looked it up and people said it’s badddddddddddddddddddddd

like one time i tried 5 hours energy around 4 am while studying for my human anatomy final and like suddenly i get this pain in my chest and like my heart is  burning. i get these hot flashes and i got all dizzy and i fell asleep LOL so i’m llike……………………………. 5 hours energy my butt….

Anonymous asked: Hi Linh! I'm a strong Catholic too~ Please consider this Chi, I noticed you shopped a lot less. That's good! Please continue doing this as you can use this money for poor countries :) God Bless. I would appreciate your reply

oh wow you noticed ^^ yeah i don’t shop as much anymore haha

i will definitely consider it! Thank you! God bless your kind heart ^^

Anonymous asked: Yo Linh. What's the shortest skirt you've ever worn to church? My asian parents told me 3" above the knee is the minimum proper length. Hbu? Sometimes I see girls wear short shorts to church and i just shake my head - _ -) have a nice day

hmmmm normally we have uniform for my church so i would wear blue navy khakis hahah but if you want to wear skirt our church only allow the skirts to be knee length or longer, uniform wise.

but if there’s no church school i would wear dresses and normally it would be about 3 inches above my knees :)

i know what you mean haha! XD 

Anonymous asked: Hey Linh, how do you remove make up ? ;O

OHHH GLAD U ASK! i got the best trick! inexpensive too!!!

So i use vaseline,first i wet my face withluke warm water, then i would scoop up like a dime size amount of vaseline and smother it all over, concentrating around my eyes because that’s where my eyeliners are. then i use a cotton pad or paper toiler and wipe it all over my face. careful not to tug so much around the eye areas. then i’ll wet my face again and apply another amount and do the same thing to take the remaining makeup off and voila! your face is now clean of makeup and is ready to be cleanse :) GIVE IT A TRY AND TELL ME HOW U LIKE IT

Anonymous asked: Hi Linh, are you Christian or Roman Catholic?

Catholic :)

Anonymous asked: You go to my church and you're sooooooo pretty! I want to talk to you and get to know you but I'm so scared. You're so pretty and I'm me :| (I'm a girl btw. I don't want you to think I'm one of the stalker guys from stories XD)

awee ; _ ; thank you that’s so kind of you to think that of me!

HAHA THANKS FOR ESTABLISHING IT ^^ but you should come say hi next time and we should definitely have a convo ^^ i won’t bite, i may look stuck up but i swear i’m not mean ahhaha btw are you in tntt??

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry if this is sexual. But i really need advice. So my boyfriend and I have been dating for like 8 months. And one day we were alone and he started to finger me. :/ and at first I was like let's not do that. And the next time we were alone, he put his hand in my bra and felt my chest. I really love him, and he's really nice even though he does that to me. I told him to stop doing that but he constants say we're dating, you have nothing to hide from me. I love him but Idk what to do. *tears

Sit down and talk with him. Make it very clear how uncomfortable you felt. No matter how old you are, don’t let a boy make you feel like that. Ever. No exceptions. At your age, it might seem that a boyfriend is everything and that you can’t lose him. But if you let him make you feel like that, you are going to look back and regret it so badly. Believe me on this, because you can’t change that past. If he refuses to listen to you, then get rid of him. Don’t worry about being labelled as “frigid” or anything like that it’s better than being called “easy”. Because when you’re older, you will be so glad that you didn’t let him do something to you that you weren’t happy with. Don’t listen to a guy when he’s in heat, listen to your heart and what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t give in and be strong. Listen to a girl who knows exactly what she’s talking about. Don’t let thing escalate into something that’ll be out of your control. One day he wants to touch, then tomorrow he’d want to go all the way. your parents raise you better than that, save it for Mr.Right. Not a horny boy who does not listen to your request. Be strong :) 

Anonymous asked: Sorry of this has been asked a lot but I wanna know if biotin is worth it I have super fine hair and I had stress which made fall out so I wanted to grow it back. But I also heard it makes you have extra body hair and gain weight which I just lost and have achieved my goal weight so I don't really want to risk it after so much work. Also how should I take it. Thanks in advance ^~^

yeah, it’s not going to make your hair thicker but it will make your hair grow faster and also grow more hair since you’re losing hair from the stress.

it doesnt make you gain weight, at least not for me hhaahaha and yeaahh it does make you grow hair in your overall body. My brother when he was in college he was stressing so hard he’s starting to have balding spot at the age of 24. I’m his hair stylist so i would occasionally give him a trim every 1 month. but then ever since he starts taking biotin his hair grew twice as fast and he no longer have any bald spot! and i notice i have to give him a trim every 2 weeks now since it’s growing so fast. he drank the hair, skin and nails kind.