Of course we gotta have our couple fall fest picture :D @kynosuke

Reunited with my boobeh yesterday at the Fall fest :) @iamtram #myBabysoSwoll #shewerkOut xD

#FallFest 2014 Flow 😃


Anonymous asked: Hey linh I only gotten to watch ep 1 of fall in love with me do u know where I can watch it sub ?



Anonymous asked: OMG linhny I'm in a fashion crisis right now!! Since school started, I barely have any clothes to wear each day. I try going to the mall for some clothes but sometimes they can be pricey and most things don't interest me. Now it's hard for me to pick an outfit when I have so little clothes. All I can do now is to wear my sweatshirt once a week

i know what you mean, i always shop in the clearance section and wait when the season is over THEN ill go on a shopping spree because that’s when clothes get SUPPERRRRRRRRR CHEAPPP!!! if you dont hav the moeny then start saving up now because the holidays are coming and that’s when they have major sales in stores like forever21, hollister, ebercrombie and fitch, papaya, chalotte russe and more!  and always shop on clearance! because i really dont believe in paying full price for an item when in 1-2 month it’ll be on sale u know? but if u want clothes asap and cant handle the wait then invest in a really good piece of clothings that u know u can wear over and over again in all occasion, weather and season and events! for instant, invest in a blazer, it’s always nice to have a go to blazer to dress up your look or wear it with jeans for a casual but classy look u know? or a cardigan, u can never go wrong with a really cute cardigan season after season :)

Anonymous asked: How did u prepare for cross country try outs ?

you should run a lot. cross country involves running on very weird courses. uphill, through running streams, past live bulls, buildings about to fall, etc, ect. you get the picture. just run a bunch. honestly you need to run long distances to expand your lungs which will enable you to sustain the endurance to run 3 1/2 miles. find a hill with a 60 degree incline and is about 100 yards in length. run up and down this hill after you have run 2 miles. if you puke your done with your training for the day.stay tall when you run and breath slow and deep threw your nose and out your mouth this will give yo more air in your lungs and keep you from getting cramps . Drink plenty of water throughout the day!!! but like an hour b4 the race stop drinking because if you drink water right be the race you will cramp up and drop your speed/time down about 10% . be sure to stretch good to prevent injury.When you’re running a 5K, don’t go out to fast. If you do, you’ll blow up faster than Jiffy Pop in a microwave oven! Try and hold back the first 1/2 mile. Instead work the last 1/2 mile with what you saved on the first 1/2 mile. This is easier said than done because as you know most runners go out waaaay too fast and die a slow death. We need to try to rein in that adrenaline that first half mile. If you do this… the payoff is, you’ll pass many runners at the end. Not only will you generally run a faster race with this strategy, it is psychologically powerful to finish strong instead of “just hanging on.”  GOODLUCK ^^

Anonymous asked: 2mm is my first day of college I want to wear my wedges but I need some peep talk cuz I'm nervous and about to chicken out 🙈 I hope u get to see this b4 2mm ( August 28) and btw should I wear flat going and put on my wedges when I get to school or??? Cuz I had a bad experience with my bottom buildings stairs 😰 I fell and well u know what happends after that after that I've been scared to wear them but I've walked with them so many times b4 the fall now I'm always nervous help plzzz!!!!

yes! definitely bring along a pair of flats just in case! there’s nothign wrong with being extra cautious and wanting to look cute on your first day of college :) if u know you will be doing alot of walking in between classes then definitely bring a pair of flats and put it in your purse just in case if your feet starting to hurt. and be careful with your steps now if you’re feeling nervous about it, take smaller steps and if you’re walking on an uneven bumpy rocky road, make sure to keep an eye out so you wont trip and emberrass yourself. GOODLUCK TOMORROW ^^

Anonymous asked: LINNHH! Did you know that before the war in empress ki. Tal tal admit his love for su nyang. Later they cropped it out. So he did have feelings for her!!!! ^^

hahaha yeah!! i know! i actually follow the empress ki fan site on facebook where they post everything related to empress ki on there and when i saw that im like i knnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww it!!!!!!!! like i just love how every big male characters in that drama just FALL IN LOVE WITH SUNNYANG!!!! X3333333333333333

Happy #NationalDogDay to the love and joy of my life!!! 👸❤️🐶


today my parents went to Vietnam to visit my brother and also for a vacation. i’m left here to watch the house because i have work and school :,(

I’m so lonely and i miss my parents already, going home just isn’t the same without them. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i miss my mommy, i’ll be eating frozen food and convenience store bough food for a month ; ~ ; … at least i have my dog Bacon.

Anonymous asked: linhhh, my jaw is kinda slanted to the right more & i was just wondering, but to hide the fact that its slanted, would u cover the left or right side of my face with more hair? :(

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face; the differences are more apparent on some people than others. To hide your slanted right jaw what you want to do is play down the smaller left side of your face, so get long side bangs that you can brush over to that side like this one


keep a parting on the side like in that image as it will bring a fullness to that side of your face. to avoid giving your uneven face a contrast, make your hair a bit uneven too. waves and curls are great for this, and completely distract from an asymmetrical face 


curls like this sound like they would suit you, but remember not to get the full bangs 
keep the side parting of the first image 
if you’ve got straight hair that makes this a little difficult, because you’ll either have to style every day, or get it permed. with a perm, the effort of getting it right every day is taken from you, but it means you’ll have to keep treating your hair every time it starts growing out. this may still e a better option if your hair is very straight and flat.remember you dont want to hide your face, only to bring out the bits you like, and move the focus from the bits you dont like. 

in terms of length and colour, i’d grow your hair a bit so that it’s as long as the second image, and roughly the same colour. highlights around the face only draw attention to the face, but lowlights could add style without overdoing it.


goodluck ^^

Anonymous asked: did the Nature's Bounty pills break you out? also was it the 5000 mcg?

now that you mention it i think it really does break me out, it’s strange because it didnt break me out in the pass, but lately i notice ive been breaking out alot and im not even near my time of the month yet!! i think i have to stop taking it LOL

Anonymous asked: I don't understand when people say "fake it till you make it" how would you do that linhny?

I think it means to behave as if it’s already so until it becomes so. It’s related to creative visualisation, thinking positive, and understanding that you create your own reality. If you want to be successful, keep telling yourself, believing in yourself, seeing in your mind, and behaving as much as possible in your physical reality that your life is the way you want it… and then you will make it your physical reality. It can work, but the key is to trick yourself. If you can trick yourself you can fool everyone else in the process. That is what is supposed to happen in theory.For example, if you’re not confident, you can act confident until it becomes second-nature and you don’t have to think about being confident anymore. You just are.

Anonymous asked: Hey linh (: lately ever since I'm starting in high school I start to think about how i don't feel comfortable in a new enviroment. I even think that I'm growing pretty fast that I'm starting to miss those laid back days in elementary and middle school. I'm starting to feel stress from more work and have no time for myself and for my family like we used to. I'm really confused since I feel like I'm missing how I used to be and my family

hi dear! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GROWING UP :) you’re one step closer to reality haha. if you think it’s like this now, college is worse. I know how you feel, the older i get the more i tends to reminisce my younger days and how i wish i could treasure those days and not wishing that i could be a grown up so fast. now that im a grown up i wish i could go back in time and be a carefree kid once again rolling around in the grass at recess, taking naps during nap time, playing yu-gi-oh cards with my cousins, watching my brother play video game and live a life in ignorant and without a single care in the world.ah nostalgia lol, but that time is now over and it sucks.  i feel like we kinda go backwards, as a teenager you start to care what people think of you and you lose yourself and start to find yourself again… but as a kid you’re so put together and you dont care what anyone thinks of you. childhood is full of innocence and fragility and it honestly is a really beautiful thing.Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to go back to our old life. So we must learn to deal with our new life. Life happens, and nothing we can do will slow things down. we cannot know the future, only embrace it. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded. 

but remember this the good old days may be wonderful, But the future can be better if you will allow it, goodluck ^^

Anonymous asked: Linh if your high school was to let you wear anything you want (no uniform) would you wear only dresses and skirts or would you also wear pants?

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS mostly dresses and skirts i dont own any cute pants hahaha man whenever i look back at my highschool days i wish i have the wardobe i have now when i was in highschool i thought to myself “I COULDVE BEEN POPULAR ; O ;” or “I COULDVE BEEN VOTED AS BEST DRESS TT _ TT” hahaha JKJKJK XD