Feeling under the weather today 😷 the allergies got me good 😣😩😫😖💨💦💦
Btw should i go lighter for summer or stay a red head?

Anonymous asked: how did you get your first job? im 15 and i wanna get a job over the summer so i can make money to get myself a phone. the problem is i dont a clue where to start and i dont have any work experienvce. i cant walk dogs/babysit/car washes etc... i wanna work either retail or maybe in a restraunt busing dishes

i got my first job at the age of 18, i just graduated highschool and going to college. One of my friend is going to college far from home so she’s quitting her job as a waitress and i ask her  if i could have her job. She said sure and she got me an interview with the boss and i got accepted in her position immediately LOL. So getting a job is easy IF you have connection. If not, it depends on your luck. and at your age not many place would want to hire you because they try to steer clear of students under 16, usually employers want you to be 18 and older because then your schedule will be more flexible for the work schedule they will assign you. Also since you’re underage i suggest you should wait until you’re a bit older to get a job, being under 16 and without work experience will put you at a disadvantage and not many places will hire you unless you want to do nails, nails hire basically anyone.

Anonymous asked: I finally finished Guilty Crown! I DIED INSIDE. It's so sad! ToT I loved it to death, but it's so sad! Dx I keep asking myself "Why?!?" But I must say that Guilty Crown is my favorite anime of all time. <3

WHOOOHOOO!!! AWESOME! omg yeahhh i had to watch the ending twice fully feel all the EMOTIONS!!! the first time im like “awee so beautiful… but why do i feel so sad” LOL then i had to rewatch it the second time and i red the lyrics of inori singing at the end and i just started BAWLING LIKE A BABY AT 3 AM IN THE MORNING. omg i never felt so miserable in my life! yeah regardless of it the anime was a great experience! WELL WORTH IT AND WONDERFUL OST AND ANIMATION SO BEAUTIFUL! it was a bittersweet ending :,)

Anonymous asked: I'm going to give guilty crown an opportunity! But can you tell me what it's about it?


let me send you the trailer! and the link to where you can wtach it :)

here’s the trailer


and here’s the site where i watch it ^^



Anonymous asked: I have virgin black asian hair and I was wondering how can I dye it light brown without bleach? Or would I need to use bleach? I really like the hair color you have in your 31 ways to style your bangs video ^_^

nah you dont need to use bleach at all! Virgin hair is the best hair to dye! What you can do is go to walmart and buy a box of revlon light ash blonde hair dye that should cost about 4-5 dollars. pretty cheap it will turn your hair into a slight brownish copperish color but it will not be as harsh as bleach and will not turn your hair yelloow. after that buy another hair dye color of your choice and dye it over the hair that you just lighten.

The hair color i have in my 31 ways to style my bangs isn’t brown haha it’s  bright orange copper with blonde highlights haha

Anonymous asked: in two months, my boyfriend will move out... i don't know what to do. I love him, but long distance relationship really scares me.

is he moving out of state? out of the country?

Don’t worry, long distance relationship may be hard but if you really love him and is willing to wait, it will be SOOOO WORTH WHILE in the end. There’s a saying that goes “distance makes the hearts grow fonder” 

So if you guys are meant to be, somewhere in the neaar future you guys will be united once again. Dont think of it as the end of your relationship. Think of it as a journey to better it.

Anonymous asked: I noticed you like Guilty Crown so much, and I'm so glad! I originally watched it when it first aired, and even though that was a couple of years ago, I still love and consider it one of my favorite animes to this day ^ ^ so it makes me glad to see that you love it so much. Shu and Inori are the best.


omg yessssss i love them so much im actually still depress right now because of it LOL omg i really wanted them to at leats MAKE ONE LAST EP WITH JUST SHU AND INORI dammit im so sad LOL

Anonymous asked: OH MY MASH POTATOES WITH GRAVY. I just finished watching the first episode of Guilty Crown and it was EPIK. Defiantly one of the best animes I've ever watched :D


Anonymous asked: I bought 2 wedges but I have cellulite's on my legs how should I style them without having to show still ( I'm working out but for now I don't want to show my legs ) I bought one nude color and another one that's black that's peep toe with the strap on my ankle ... Trying to be more like u and ur style because I look up to u :)

ohh sounds cute! What you should do is buy sheer stocking or leggings and whenever you’re wearing your wedges wear your sheers leggings! The sheer leggings conceal your cellulite alone with making your legs appear smoother and more flawless looking! from a far distance ppl can’t even tell if that’s your real skin or sheer leggings! GOODLUCK! send me a picture and let me see when do u try it out ;D i wont post anything private in public if you request me not to

Anonymous asked: Ur funny. Guilty crown so old, O_O it took u a while to seen it..

yeah, well sadly i gave up on anime ever-since my first ex and i broke up, so that’s about 4 or 5 years ago that i haven’t watch anime ever-since. I’m more of a manga person more so than an anime watcher tbh. I recently got back into anime since my boyfriend begged me to give Guilty Crown a try. Also i’ve been a bit occupied with school and life so i can’t be that updated on anime. 

Anonymous asked: Hi Linh!! Are you going to keep making YouTube videos?

yeh ^^ whenever i have time, i actually made a new one recently but im too lazy to edit it LOL

Anonymous asked: I read this quote "Some people were meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be each other." Plz explain to me what that means...

well how i interpret that quote is that we all fall in love at least once in our life time before finding the right one. This is how we learn some of our greatest life lessons. Through trials and errors of seeking love.

This quote also reminds me of the story about the red string of fate. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical invisible cord may stretch or tangle, but never break, and one day it will lead the two destined lovers to each other. So like the story people may fall in love but the people you encounter and fall in love with may not be the one you are meant to be with for the rest of your life. hence, while looking for the right one your red string of fate may be tangle with others but eventually you’ll able to find your destined lover at the end of that red string. That’s why the previous lovers never meant to be, even though you may fall in love, they are just not the right one.

I happens to experience this myself. My first love was my first boyfriend back in 9th grade. I truly did love him first and i thought we were meant to be, but as time passes by we broke up and eventually we just move on from each other. We started seeing other people and just like that, we acted like our love never happen.

So i left my first love inside my heart and move on to the love that was meant to be. My current boyfriend and i had past encounter way before we even knew each other. We went to the same elementary with each other but never knew about it until we bust out the elementary school book and look it over. After i move i ended up going to the same church as my current boyfriend and he had a crush on me at first sight. He tried to get to know me but his brother hook me up with his bestfriend instead. My current boyfriend was reeally sad that i started dating his bestfriends. 5-6 years later we had another shot with each other and we dated eversince :). So if i had to add up the years i know him and the years that we encounter i would say about 10 years. and we’re now 3 years and 7 months into our relationship ^^ That’s what i call destiny! And that’s my interpretation of  ”Some people were meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be each other.”

i hope that helps :D

Anonymous asked: Linh, I realize that when you were in high school, You didn't dressed up a lot. Now, you're in college with skirt and many adorable style. I gonna to go to college as well and wonder how did you change your style so fast? Also,I'm thinking of dressing way better in college than in high school. But I feel scared to express myself with skirts and outfits similar to yours. Since I always used to wearing skinny jeans and legging. I simply hope to express myself in college hopefully. D:

ohhh! i feel so special u noticed my highschool day ^^

actually in highschool we had school uniform and dress code so we aren’t allow to dress up haha along with the fact that i didn’t have a job back in highschool so i didn’t have the money to buy anything cute LOL

right after highschool, i got a job and money and i splurge most of my income on a new closet and threw away all of my school uniform LOL

That’s how i change my style :) 

it’s ok to express yourself in college, no one will say anything or gossip about you because people in college are much more mature than the people u knew in highschool. College students all have their own lives and agenda to live by so they wont concern themselves with what you wear or how you dress. 

Anonymous asked: Hi linhy I was wondering what hair dye did you use for your red hair and how do you maintain the red hair >< I'm thinking about dying my hair red but I heard it fades really easily and I don't want to keep dying It

im making a video on it soon after my exam that will explain step by step on how to get my red hair along with how to maintain it ^^

but you must know that going red is easy but STAYING red takes alot of commitment because it’s SOSOSOOOOO true that red fades SO FAST! everytime you wash your hair it will BLEEEDDDSSSSS 

Congratulation to my wonderful boyfriend for finally becoming a Huynh truong and receiving his red scarf in #TNTT !!!! Proud girlfriend status👍😁😊
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