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Anonymous asked: Will you make a tutorial on how you got your silver tips? I really want to know since I want to get silver tips too but idk where to start :'(

Yes! I actually already made the videos a few weeks ago i just dont have the time to edit it since it’s a long recording haha
But how i got mine is that i bleach my hair about 3-4 times until it gets as pale as the color of inside of the banana and then i tone it with wella t18 toner :) u can fine all your bleaching supplies and toner in sally’s beauty supply store. To keep my hair toned and brassiness free occasionally i would used a purple shampoo called shimmer light and leave it on for about 10 minutes

WHEW! just finished answering almost all of your questions!

I spent 3-4 hours (with breaks) hahahaha @ _ @!! time for my manga break XD!! sorry if i didn’t get to your questions yet i’ll get to it (hopefully) by tomorrow! Oyasumi everyone ^ _ ^ night night haha

Anonymous asked: Where do you find clothes for that low of a price???

hahaha clearance sections in almost every outlet mall ^^

or wait until the season is over then go onto forever21, papaya, charlotte russe and go into their clearance and VOILA!!! SALES GALOOORRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: OMG TOKYO GHOUL LOOKS SOOOOO FRIGGIN GOOD !! everyone is saying that i should read the manga first before watching the anime cuz it'll make more sense lol what do u think ? And the opening song for the anime is HELLA tight omg !! ;~;



ohhhhhh if you wanna read a complete manga with a similar vibeish to tokyo ghoul i recommend deadman wonderland MANGA not anime MANGA XD but you can wtach the anime to episode 12 and continue the manga where the anime left off it’s one of my fave so gooddd

Anonymous asked: Chi Linh oi!!! Em miss red hair qua chi lam!! T_T r u going to go back to red again one day? Or r u really tired of it? Because you look sooooo pretty at church with red hair ;)

hahaha yeah i miss it too!! but it;s a bit inappropriate for my work :( you know, having flaming hot hair while working for my dentist is a bit…. xD not professional haha so i did ombre! where top portion of my hair is dark and the bottom is light so when i go to work i can just tie it in a bun and hide my ombre haha

im not tired of my red hair i love it alot but it’s a bit high maintenance, everytime i shed some hair and the area is wet it stains that place red LOL maybe if im ever bored with blonde ill go over it with red for the red ombre effect but as of right now i like it silvery blonde :D 

Anonymous asked: Have you considered watching Rooftop prince, since you like historical kdrama? That's what I thought of when you said that you like watching those kinds of drama xD

ive seen it hahaha, not really my cup of tea tbh xD i didn’t like the main actor, he doesnt appeal to me, i dont find him attractive one bit. Also, it’s a bit modern you know? it has that modern vibe to it xD

i like that hardcore historical stuffs! like full on historical without going to the future or something like the rooftop prince. i like it staying in one era or the main character actually going BACK in time instead of going into the future. i like the plot to take place in the historical time line event more so than present time xD 

my fav all time would be princess’s man, empress ki and princess ja myung go ; O ;!! oh and bubujingxin!

Anonymous asked: How much do you spend on tops and skirts and stuff? Is there a specific amount that you would spend on a shirt or something?

im a smart shopper :D i only buy stuffs on clearance unless i really like something.

but i would never spend more than $5-10 on a shirt or skirt.

and never more than $10 on dress

Anonymous asked: You should read One-punch man! I didn't think I would like it because it seemed like those simple boy stories BUT ITS SO FUNNY!!!! I love it now lol it's a nice break from all those depressing things like tokyo ghoul and berserk t.t

hhahahah ill give it a try after im done with some of my current manga xD my boyfriend told me about it once but im like eeeehhh because im not really into comdey genre you know? my taste in manga/anime is a bit weird haha i have a taste for dark, twisted, mature, romance kind of genre you know? omg if you were to ever read some of the manga i read you’ll think im weird or creepy for sure xD LOL but some of my fav manga would “the girl by the sea”, oyasumi pun pun, flower of evil, aku no hana, them twisted psychological manga haha ohh and anime would definitely be full metal alchemist brotherhood, d gray man, guilty crown, attack on titan, anohana, so if you have any dark twisted anime/ manga definitely recommend me some xD  

Anonymous asked: Linh, sorry if this is kinda a weird question but I have smelly hair that i dont wanna wash everyday. What should I do? I already use baby powder.

instead of baby powder get one of those dry shampoo by tressemme or something, since theyre dry shampoo from a brand they are scented :)

also when putting on your favorite perfume spray some on your finger & dab it behind your ears then spray some in your hair. 
The smell of the perfume will last longer then when sprayed on clothes. ^^

Anonymous asked: Hi Linhny! :) i think my hair is too big and too round at the top. it has so much volume. what can i do to lessen the volume of my hair coz it looks kinda dumb.

Try using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, such as Sleek by Matrix, and never use a volumizing or clarifying shampoo. They strip your hair of it’s natural oils. The natural oils help to weigh your hair down. You can also try using a flat iron and a smoothing styling spry or gel. or Use a heavy conditioner. You will know what im talking about once you try some, you just wanna weigh it down. When you step out of the shower, towel dry it till its 40% dry and apply body butter or moisturizer in it. Trust me, it works. After that, finger comb it and keep patting it to avoid frizz. Hope it works :) 
The trick is to use enough moisturizer to weigh your hair down but not enough to make it greasy ^^

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend broke up with me I'm really sad and crying He was my first love ever since pre-k and now it's all over he said it was because we never hang out when I have time he does not but when he does I don't My friends said that he should have tried to make it work and not give up There right but I'm still hurting and he was my first .. My friends said that I'm in college and will meet someone but how can I get over 14 years of the love I had for one guy that started off as my best friend :'/

*hug* I’m sorry you’re going through this. :( The first one is usually the toughest to get over. Your feelings are normal you invested time out of your life that you will never get back. Take time to reflect on the positive parts of the relationship; these thiings will help you down the road. You should also look at where you went wrong in order to avoid these same pitfalls later. Time does heal all wounds but, we never know individually how much time that takes. Breaking off a long term relationship has to be one of life’s more difficult challenges. Too often we stay in a relationship far too long in the hopes of reviving what we once had together. I read once that “its hard to say where love ends and habit takes over.” what a true statement that is! We get comfortable even in adverse situations if we stay long enough. I am sure we all have those friends that we probably would not be friends with if we hadn’t known them since childhood. Love is no different. We grow and change and sadly often times we grow in different directions. 
While change is difficult and stressful it is most often for the best. When your relationship has lost it’s flavor, and you’ve done all you can to revitalize it, you do know in your heart that its time to move on. In doing so you will preserve your self-respect and your dignity. Staying in a relationship that causes you more heartache than happiness will eventually tear down your esteem, making leaving even more difficult. 
Staying in a relationship because you do not want to hurt the other person is more hurtful than anything you could do to that person. You will be resentful and angry at the burden they are to your life. You will hurt them every single day no matter how kind you may think you are being. They will feel your distance.The most important thing you can do right now is just to try and take care of yourself. Remember that your friends and family really love you, and that you’re not alone. I know it really hurts now, but this too shall pass. Try to do things which will make yourself happy; spend some time with your closest friends. Dealing with the pain itself can be really hard…you need to accept it in order to heal (ignoring it will only make it worse), but try not to dwell on it to the point where you’re constantly miserable. It hurts, burns, and truly feels like the world is going to end - however it is not, just make sure that you don’t do anything that you regret. Make sure you grab hold of a piece of your pride - even if you have to fabricate pride, hold it up in front of yourself and when you really want to call him. Lastly, don’t blame yourself. It was his choice to leave, you did nothing to drive him away. Sometimes we get comfortable with that person so much we forget why we are in a relationship. ALL relationship weather dating engaged or married-take real work. Have you thought of getting a hobby or supporting friends? Hope this helped you in some type of way! goodluck :( 

Anonymous asked: So this fall is my first year in college ^_^ do u have any advice?

Make notecards! These saved me from failing many exams…and they’re especially helpful if your teacher gives out study guides. Just write ideas or terms on one side and the definition/whatever on the other. I find it a very effective way to study. i have like hundreds and hundreds of flash cards lying all around my room! 

Oh, and definitely spread your studying out. Cramming sucks and doesn’t usually work, ull know the information for about a day or two then when the next comes that requires you to use your previous knowledge you won’t remember any of it.so start studying at least a week or two ahead of time. It’s been proven that you remember more information if you take it in slowly and consistently. Even half an hour a day will help. If you start making notecards in advance the last few days before the test you can go over them several times and make sure the information’s in your head. 

Take good notes, and be sure to write what the teacher is saying. Some teachers test ONLY on their notes. Another good idea, if you have a friend in the class - borrow their notes and make a copy. See what matches up from their notes and yours. Odds are, that’s important. OR, read the book in advance and take notes as you read. Then take notes in class, compare, and highlight the similarities. Probably important. Oh, and if you read the book before class make a little list of topics you don’t understand or want clarification on. Be sure to listen for these in class or ask about them. ALWAYS ask if you have a question! There’s usually at least a dozen people wondering the same thing as you, so don’t feel stupid. 

also if the teacher goes too fast in the lecture buy yourself a recorder and record the lesson as insurance just in case if you miss some thing important. :) also managed your time well~! buy yourself a planner and write everything down ahead of time like assignments, final exams, due date etc etc!

Anonymous asked: Hey Linh, at my highschool I'm a complete loner. Im a very reserved, quiet person so I keep to myself a lot, and people say that I'm pathetic, boring, weird, etc. How can I learn to accept aspects of my personality that I cannot change?

don’t worry, i used to be in the same situation as you, we’re both introvert people and like to keep to ourselves. from 14 til now (20) ive always had feelings of not being good enough, not funny enough, not cool enough, not worthy, etc etc. As you get older, you become more confident in who you are, because you finally begin to accept yourself and not care so much, in life there are way better things to pour your energy and mind into than worrying about what people think! You’re still young, you’re still in highschool, normally in highschool is where people try to find themselves and find where they belong or who they are, you still have time to grow and develop your personality. just because you feel like this now and how it’s impossible for you to change, doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. You have a whole life ahead of you to develope as a person! so don’t say that you can’t change or you’re at a stand still, you will change, it might be slow and fast for some other but no one can ever be at a stand still in their life. so don’t give up hope, but even if you’re changing always stay true to yourself :)

First things first —-what you think is what you feel—- So fake it til you make it can work. It works for me. When you feel like absolute sh*t tyou’re gonna look like sh*t and other people will feel that sh*tty aura and wouldn’t wanna be around you, so start being nice to yourself think good things, be optimistic, smile more often, give yourself some compliments, soon enough you will feel better. Same goes with confidence. What’s helped me most in improving, is 1. accepting myself as i am, and if i dont like something about myself then work to change it 2. my job, when i first started i wanted to quit i didnt think i was good enough, and it was just in a restaurant…!Then i got a job at a dental office etc. The more i worked the more i was forced in social situations, I am now so casual with talking to people (it’s only awkward if you make it awkward) when people seem awkward just act confident keep things casual and light to make them feel comfortable. You’ll soon realize how many people have anxiety in public. Pretty much everyone! so you’re not alone when it comes to these things :) goodluck ^^

Anonymous asked: Hi Linh, have you ever felt something moving or twitching in your leg or body? I have these and feel very scary about it.

is it an unpleasant tingling, aching, or itching sensations in your legs?  is it like when you lie down in bed, ready to go to sleep, and just as your body begins to relax, an uncomfortable leg sensations begins to overwhelm your legs. You try to ignore the crawling, tingling, or itching in your legs, hoping it will go away, but it only gets worse. You toss and turn for a while, but eventually the urge to move is too much. You get out of bed to stretch and pace the floor and, for a moment, you find relief. But when you lie down again, the restless sensations in your legs start all over again. is it similar to that? if so you might have the restless legs syndrome.